Creep Testers Furnaces

Company: Applied Test Systems.USA

ATS manufactures, Creep Testers, Furnaces, Ovens, Pressure Ageing Vessels, Bending Beam Rheometer, RTFO, VDO etc.

They are a company with tradition of consistent market leadership for over 50 years and growing business for the future. A Worldwide leader in the field of Creep test systems and accessories as well a s being the alternative competitor for refurbishing old Creep machines. ATS are your World Class Partner for Windows based fully digital Creep Machine Controller package winCCS

The asphalt testing segment includes Pressure Ageing Vessels, Vacuum Degassing ovens, rolling thin film ovens and Bending Beam Rheometers for Asphalt & Binder Testing.

Special Furnaces & Environmental Chambers for various applications
Special Creep Testing Machines and retort applications.
Excellent after sales service and is always at your disposal.


Company: Barbour Stockwell Inc. USA

BSi provides the world's manufacturers of high speed machinery everything from medical centrifuges to jet engines, with the reliable, precisely controlled shaft power to put their own equipment to the test. In addition, BSi engineers, designs, and manufactures test facilities built around these drive systems.

The ever increasing demands for safety in aerospace, energy and petrochemicals that operate turbines, motors and pump rotors etc. at high speeds being demanded by modern machinery for high performance demand careful attention to the design integrity of the rotor to insure reliability as well as human safety. A manufacturer needn't risk destruction of expensive machinery to perform these tests at or above the machine's allowable operating speed. Our equipment is uniquely suited to perform such tests safely and economically. The tests are performed in test chambers, which are built to contain the fragments resulting from fracture of test pieces made from the highest strength alloys. The drives are also designed to sustain the energy of a rotor burst.


Company: DYNA-MESS Prufsysteme. Germany

DYNA-MESS Prufsysteme, Germany is a leading supplier of advanced lab and end of production line automotive, bio-mechanic and many other advanced testing solutions with presence in over 25 countries worldwide.

DYNA-MESS manufacture and supply specially designed pneumatic, servo hydraulic and electromechanical testing equipment for testing of diverse automotive sub-systems including seats, steering systems etc. with forces upto 5 Kn, frequency of 10 Hz and stroke of upto 500 mm to measure wear and fatigue performance, stiffness, clearance etc. in single as well as multi channel configurations as well as road signal simulation as per road load data provided by user.

We also offer elastomer testing solutions for rubber and rubber to metal bonded components used in automobiles for both endurance & durability studies as well as high frequency dynamic characterisation upto 500 Hz.

Our customers include Johnson Controls, Brose, Contitech, Anvis, Faurecia, Lear, Sitech, Keiper, CRH, TRW, Takata Petri, Autoliv, KSS, Trelleborg, Vibracoustic, Woco, VW, Daimler, Audi, BMW,...


Epsilon Technology Corp., USA

Epsilon is dedicated to making high performance extensometers to meet a great variety of materials testing needs. We are committed to providing the highest quality and accuracy in extensometer. Over 30 years of experience have gone into the development of our products. Our innovative designs and factory direct sales result in world class quality at substantial savings.

High Performance Extensometers to Meet a Great Variety of Materials Testing Needs
Extensometers are available to cover full scale elongations from 0.01 to 20 inches (0.25 mm to 0.5 m), in gage lengths from 0.25 to 20 inches (6 mm to 500 mm). They cover temperatures from -265°C to +1600°C, and are available with or without electronics.

Extensometers are included for almost all engineering materials, including: elastomers, plastics, composites, metals, ceramics, geometrical (e.g. rock, concrete, and asphalt), and biomaterials including bone. There are models for tiny and delicate samples, including relatively fine wire, up to massive metal samples and large rock cores.

The huge variety of models covers nearly every type of test as well, including: tensile, compression, bend, fracture mechanics, and cyclic strain controlled tests like low cycle fatigue. Most extensometers are capable of relatively high frequency operation.

Each extensometer carries a full year warranty. Strain measurement for materials testing is our sole business.


Company: Matelect Ltd

Matelect UK manufactures an extensive range of potential drop equipment and testing solutions, covering both the AC and DCPD techniques as well as induced signal monitors. Matelect have been in the potential drop business since the beginning of the 1980's and enjoy a strong leadership position in this domain.

Historically PD has been used successfully to monitor the development of creep damage in metallic specimens, both during offline and online testing, and at room temperature as well as elevated temperatures.

The most popular and renowned device is the DCM-2, a modern microprocessor based instrument for measuring crack depth in metals undergoing materials testing. It utilises the pulsed direct current potential drop method (DCPD) which is an established technique covered by the ASTM 647 standard. The technique involves passing a constant current through the metal under test and measuring the resultant voltage drop that is created across the specimen. The presence of a growing defect will alter this voltage and by suitable calibration, a measure of the defect depth can be obtained. The advance triggering option works well in the fatigue / cyclic testing when the testing machine controller has a load output available and this can be wired into the DCM unit’s back panel.

Matelect has not lost sight of its research based roots - all of our employees are university graduates and we pride ourselves in our ability to provide end-users with detailed assistance and applications support. Matelect also undertakes bespoke design and manufacture - for those customers whose needs cannot be met from our standard product line. The INDIAN end users include, but are not limited to BARC, BHEL, IGCAR, NML, GE, DMRL, IIT Delhi, SERC, Tata Steel.


Company: MonTech Rubber Testing Machines

Montech is an internationally renowned and leading manufacturer and supplier of world class Rubber and elastomers testing systems. Please do also visit the web site www.montech,in or for further details on our comprehensive product and services portfolio that includes RPAs, MDRs, Mooney Viscometers, Dispersion testers, Hardness and Density testers, Aging ovens, Oil baths, Rapid plastimeters, Abrasion resistance, Sample cutters, Lab presses etc.

At Montech India, we support this diverse range of testing equipment in the Indian region with our firm commitment to grow this important market with prompt and efficient after sales support. Montech installations are already serving Ceat Baroda, JK Tyres, Trelleborg Vibracoustic, NPOL Cochin, Datwyler Helvoet, Polycab cables, Reliance Hazira, Anand NVH, Yokohama Tyres, SABIC Bangalore, Dupont Hyderabad, Forech India Ltd. Gujarat Fluorochemicals, Hindustan Rubbers Silvassa, Zenith Rubbers, Devashish Polymers etc.

It is worth noting that MonTech have quickly established themselves as the fastest growing supplier of these testing equipment with leading internationally renowned companies like Freudenberg / Merkel / Freudenberg-NOK Group, Continental / ContiTech, Yokohama, Robert Bosch, Toyo Tires, Trelleborg, Lanxess, Styron / Dow Chemicals, Kumho Tires / Kumho Petrochemicals, Rhodia Silica, Evonik, Anvis & LG Chemicals.

We are sure that you will find MonTech to offer extremely high value for money when compared to any other supplier with good after sales support as per DAKKS from us.


Company: Presi

Presi is a global leader in the science and art of metallography and offer a comprehensive market-oriented metallurgy in their entire range. PRESI is an expert in cutting, mounting and polishing to meet the needs of ever more sophisticated requirements in the field of metallurgy and heat treatments for optimum accuracy in your analysis of metal samples. The strength of PRESI are know-how, a team invested in its missions in order to go further with conviction and confidence.

PRESI is also able to supply tailored solutions to suit your needs from metallography e.g equipment for use in nuclear or hazardous environments. We support the project until its completion as one of our commitments to comprehensively support and satisfy our customers. Our devices are designed for optimum longevity and comply with current safety standards with increased performance, precision and power. Each of the machines and measurement solutions in metallography from PRESI is designed in our in-house R & D integrated facility. All Presi equipment are manufactured in the main production unit in Grenoble, France thus assuring you of the highest European quality.


We will also look forward to your inquiries for:
- Polishing machines
- Mounting presses
- Cutting machines
- Hardness and Microscopy
- consumables

- Vacuum impregnation systems
- Diamond gel GEL2+
- Hot mounting press
- Abrasive papers
- Polishing cloths

PRESI, expert in metallography since 1961.


Company: Torquemeters

Torquemeters Limited, UK specialises in the design and manufacture of high performance torque measurement systems for the turbo machinery market. With over 50 years of valuable experience, the world renowned Torquetronic™ range of products have played a key role in the development of performance and efficiency of gas turbines and high performance rotating machinery in the Oil, Gas, petrochemical, Aerospace, F1 and leading Research and Development institutes.

Torquemeters offer innovative engineering expertise and precision manufacturing a combination of skills which has resulted in successful long-term relationships with many of the world’s leading engineering companies, the majority of aero engine manufacturers, major oil companies, leading Formula 1 teams and research organisations.

- Speed ratings up to 150 000rpm
- Torque measurement range from 0.1 Nm to 250,000 Nm
- Rigs custom designed to meet user specifications
- ISO9001:2008 Approved

We provide project management, design engineering and long-term service support to ensure we meet all of your needs from the original concept stages of an enquiry until the installation and long term operation of any of our products. Our end users include NAL, LPSC, GTRE, ISRO, HAL, Indian Oil, ONGC, Reliance


Company: KKS Ultraschall AG

By using ultrasonic waves in combination with aqueous mediums, we achieve highest levels of cleanliness at relatively short cleaning durations, even for components with complex shapes and delicate components with textured, porous surfaces as well as extremely small grooves and bores.


Company: Lansmont

Lansmont Corporation, USA manufacture product and package testing systems & portable field data loggers to measure transit hazards of temperature...

Complex and Automated Materials Testing Machines

Company: Zwick Roell Group

The Zwick Roell Group is one of the world’s leading suppliers of materials and component testing systems. We supply tailor-made solutions for the most demanding requirements – in both R&D and quality assurance, and in more than 20 industry sectors.